Please e-mail me with details of your requirements and content you would love to have incorporated into your poem.  I will begin composing for you immediately upon receipt of payment to PAYPAL through the link on this page.

A beautiful poem specifically written for your loveable pet

£ 20 

Tell me all the cute and loving things about your pet, and I will transform your thoughts into a beautiful poem. When you receive your pets' poem, you can mount it in a photo-frame, with a picture of your pet. You now have a wonderful keepsake, that you will always treasure!  Also they will make adorable presents for family and friends.

Poem for any occasion

£ 10 

Poems written to suit your specification approx 10 lines of verse.

Poem written to suit your requirements for any occasion

£ 15 

Poem written especially for you approx 20 lines of verse
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