Summers Rose

You are the scent
of summers rose,
That wafts around
your sweet repose.
You are the breath,
the heartfelt sigh.
Within each breeze,
that passes by.
Your lingering fragrance
That charming smile;
In every sense,
does me beguile..


Emily's Birthday Party


 A Poetic Song

A Poem, as a song, must sing!

Its' words, are rhythmic notes;

That titivate our senses,

And, like great music, invokes;

Responses from the reader,

Creating pictures, in their mind;

And, so cleverly constructed;

As to inspire, and move mankind! 

The Setting Sun

How beautiful, the 'setting sun',
Its' ruddy ray;
Still strives to light, the dying day.
An air of quiet finality,
Of time slipping away from me.
 But for a while, I feel at one;
And 'Timeless' the 'setting sun'...

 Stuck     for     Words ?

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 Let my words express - your emotions!


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Beautiful words composed in a personal poem, especially for you, to send your messages of love; for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines, Mothers/Fathers Day, Christmas, messages of Thanks - in fact for any occasion.

Send your own unique, personal message to loved ones and friends, in a poem specially written for you, by me!

Tell me in your own words what you wish to say, and I will transform your thoughts, into a poem of exquisite beauty and emotion, you will be proud of!

You can print the poem on suitable card, or quality paper and present it in a photo-frame to make a wonderful unique personal gift, or simply write the poem into a normal greeting card, as a personal unique message from you!


A Poem all about your Pet! 


Dear precious little Emily

Your 'Mummy' loves you so

You fill our lives

With so much love

Your everywhere we go

And every day

You love to play

A small bundle of fun

When we saw you as a puppy

We knew you were the one


A Poem all about your Pet!

We all love our pets and their unconditional love!

Tell me all the cute and loving things about your pet in your own words and I will transform them into a beautiful poem.

On receipt of your 'Pets' poem, you can mount it in a photo-frame together with a favourite picture.

You now have a wonderful keepsake of your pet, that you will always treasure!

They can also make unique presents for relatives and friends!

Poem requests welcomed for any pet - they are all loveable!




The Site is still under construction, but I am available to compose your loving messages etc. - whether for human or pet.....

Initially please e-mail me with your requirements or for details of payment method and price - alternatively check out the online store.


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